VIP Protection

What image pops into your head when someone mentions VIP security or protection? Probably a Hollywood hard man as wide as he is tall, muscle bound, with limited brain capacity but plenty of menace. Well, that works to an extent. But at Subrosa Group Special Projects division we believe that effective protection needs more brains than brawn.

We also believe it can be effectively delivered regardless of size or gender as long as the officer is intelligent and can assess and mitigate the risks to their client without the need to resort to violence or the threat of violence. Adversaries these days can be hard to spot. They are smart, technically savvy and blend in, so you should expect nothing less from your protection detail.

Discretion is key when providing VIP protection and our team are highly trained to deliver maximum security at minimum visibility. We can provide both male and female bodyguards for all members of a family and their children. We also provide close protection for CEOs and COOS, high net worth individuals visiting the UK and their families who might be a kidnapping risk; also foreign royalty, diplomats and their families; celebrities from the music, sport and fashion industries. Our services can also be deployed abroad if required and we can also provide security chauffeurs as part of our tailored packages.

Our former UK Special Forces personnel who form our executive protection teams are intelligent, smart and adaptable. They can deliver effective protection in all environments, home and abroad, whether at your office, home, restaurant or on the plane travelling to your overseas meeting. Can we handle ourselves and protect you if things get rough? Absolutely. But we don’t believe it should come to that, it’s easily avoided with effective intelligence gathering, assessment and planning. So ditch the Hollywood cliché and go with the brains, not brawn.

Thank you for your interest in the Subrosa Group, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us all calls are treated in the strictest confidence, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can speak with someone at the Subrosa Group 24hrs a day on the following telephone numbers or email us, 24 Hours Telephone: 01784 488333 or International: +44 1784 488333

Lets arrange to meet up, we will travel and meet clients at their office or a private discreet location if required please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.