Stalker Profiling and Threat Management

It’s not just celebrities who acquire stalkers. In fact, 80% of harassment claims are from ‘ordinary’ people who are being intimidated and threatened by someone that they know, with social media increasing the platforms available to carry out sustained, abusive campaigns.

Our pioneering service (Stalker Profiling and Threat Management) run by SRG Special Projects is designed to identify threats and respond appropriately to ensure an individuals’ safety. This includes our unique and essential psychological stalker profiling to assess motives and the threat level, whilst our specialist Deep Web Mining software monitors email and social media to spot potentially hostile trends enabling us to implement preventative action where necessary. Web searches can only access 20% of online activity but our specialist software can access 80% to connect the dots when someone is actively trying to hide their tracks.

For anyone who feels they are being targeted our advice is always to get us involved as early as possible as it’s crucial that we assess the risk of escalation. As well as insisting on the victim keeping a diary of incidents of when they feel threatened, our psychological profiler will build up a profile of the perpetrator and we will assess the risk – do you need immediate protection to prevent harm? Is the perpetrator likely to get violent? Surveillance may have shown them buying a weapon and subsequently sitting outside a potential victim’s house. Does the victim have security protocols in place? Is there a safe room or a panic button?

If there is no immediate threat to personal safety then we can help build a case to ensure a successful prosecution. Freedom from worry about any potential or current threat is paramount and we do not underestimate the psychological toll on an individual who is being subjected to sustained harassment.

Many recent celebrity stalker cases have not been successfully resolved owing to a lack of profiling or placement of strategies to ensure the physical and psychological safety of the victim. For high profile clients we offer our Celebrity Mail Watch, a preventative service for which aims to identify potential stalkers early and minimise the chances of any threat escalating.

Our expertise is recognised in the media, with SRG Managing Director Niall Burns often called on to offer expert opinion on celebrity cases for both newspapers and TV. Niall is also a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals.

We can also provide an information sheet giving advice on best procedure for anyone who has concerns that they are at risk from a stalker.

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