Risk Mitigation & Loss Prevention Consultancy

Are you concerned that part of your business may be vulnerable to future losses, or that for some reason you could soon be hit with big losses? This can happen in many ways including bribery, racism, extortion, work place harassment, or any event that may put your reputation at risk.

SRG Special Projects experts provide risk mitigation consultancy to corporate clients to identify threats or risks to their operations and the potential damage these may cause.

Once identified, SRG Special Projects provides advice and strategies to counteract, negate or minimize those risks. We will evaluate the efficiency of your current security systems, procedures and policies plus we undertake due diligence, security surveys, audits and risk analysis.

It is essential that you remain proactive in protecting your business. Brand reputation can take years to establish but it only takes one event, a badly handled press conference or an incidence of cyber fraud accessing your accounts, for example, for years of hard gained trust to evaporate. To protect your brand and reputation we look at where your weak links lie and shore up the gaps.

Current clients include national and international banks, law firms, international corporations and high net worth individuals. SRG Special Projects works in partnership with our clients to design, develop and implement loss prevention strategies, policies and procedures. Our unrivalled experience, innovative thinking and unique skills mean we’re market leaders in our consultancy and solutions strategies.

Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who have a wealth of experience in corporate investigations and specialise in business intelligence and national and international organised crime groups.

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