Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management

Are you fully prepared for your worst case scenario? Would you and your company be ready to respond in real time to any emergencies, whether from cyber attacks, natural disasters, any immediate repercussions from regional instability or terrorist threats?

We’ve all seen how not to do it, watching as companies faced with an emergency lurch from one crisis to another while their reputation and financial stability take a nose dive. Do you have the procedures in place to respond appropriately if that were your company?

The only way to safely prepare for any such scenario is practice. We provide a unique service of Table Top exercises where we will subject your top executives to the pressures of real time crises scenarios. How will they respond to the situation we’ve just laid out for them? For example, we may imagine that you’ve just discovered you’ve lost millions in a cyber attack, what do you do? You’ve just found out your factory has collapsed in an earthquake, what happens next? You’ve just found out some of your execs have been taken hostage, how do you respond? How do you keep your business going through these emergencies? Who is in charge if the execs are incapacitated? Do you have a system to communicate what is happening to staff within the company who may be hearing live news communications but have heard nothing from their own team?

Even the less dramatic situations require emergency response strategies, from office fires to computer failure there must always be systems in place to keep staff informed and the business running.

We can assess what systems you currently have in place, test them to see if they work and provide essential systems if they don’t. Regular testing of your crisis management is essential to keep reactions front and centre in the minds of your top team and reassure staff that they know what to do in the case of any emergency.

We can also provide media training for emergencies and crisis management. Who is talking to the media during your crisis, what are they saying, are they projecting confidence and control? Is their body language confirming that, or are they saying one thing but unintentionally communicating another?

We have unrivaled experience in implementing crisis management systems to top companies all over the world, including full testing of those systems and readiness for any and all possible scenarios.

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