Training – Military / Government / Law Enforcement

SRG ME specialist Military, Government and Law Enforcement instructors are former 1st class instructors from UK / USA police, government and special forces. This guarantees our clients receive fundamental skills without compromise.

Instructors and qualifications are delivered for four main operational disciplines (example course list not exhaustive).


Combat diver
Maritime counter terrorist


>  Close target reconnaissance
>  Counter terrorist
>  Sniper
>  Hostage Release


>  Sniper
>  Heliborne assault
>  High altitude low opening parachuting (HALO)
>  Counter terrorism

Law Enforcement

>  Armed response officer
Surveillance officer
Crowd control
Helicopter operations

Tactical Equipment

SRG ME has a strategic partnership with a tactical equipment supplier, able to supply bespoke equipment to suit clients’ individual needs.

>  Tactical assault vests
>  Training aids
>  Uniforms and equipment
>  Footwear
>  Vehicle and personal identification markers
>  Bespoke camouflage and concealment solutions
>  Ballistic body armour
>  Ballistic helmets
>  Fire retardant tactical clothing

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