Security Officers

A security guard company is only as good as its personnel, which is why we only employ the best. The majority of our security guards are ex officers from the world-renowned Gurkha regiment.

The ex-British Army Gurkhas who are at the heart of our security teams have a well-deserved international reputation for their diligence, ferocious work ethic, loyalty and honesty.

The Gurkhas have been working with the British Army for 200 years and have during that time established an enviable reputation for reliability, mutual respect and trust. The British Army website describes them as “unforgiving in battle”, but we’ll go with un-corruptible and beyond reproach.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service to a diverse range of industries, including uniformed security guards for corporate headquarters, buildings and office receptions, security patrols, site security, embassies and banks, event security and more.

Our expert consultancy ensures that we take an all-encompassing approach to all security measures whether that is to improve internal security operations and strategies, or risk analysis prior to security officer deployment. And at the heart of all these operations are our Gurkha personnel.

By employing such an exceptional work force we avoid the lapses in security that so many other firms suffer, where personnel subjected to bribery, intimidation or can be found falling asleep on the job, all of which leads to gaps in service and leaves you and your business vulnerable. This doesn’t happen on our watch, we only work with the best and do not allow any weak links.

We are British Standards (BS) EN ISA certified The quality management system provides a framework for recruitment and management of staff ensuring that a consistent approach is applied. We are certificated to ISO 9001 which ensures this is periodically audited creating a clear tool for recruiting, training and managing the best experienced personnel to meet your security needs. We work in accordance with British Standards for Security Guarding and Close Protection therefore, industry best practice is implemented. All staff are in possession of the appropriate SIA licence.

Our security officers receive ongoing training in all aspects of the civilian security industry and their reliability has led to many contracts renewed year after year.

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